No More Missing Your Target or Stumbling In The Dark!


Ever struggle to get back to sleep after answering a little call of nature in the middle of the night?  

You know, you’re out like a light, warm in your bed, and all of a sudden you start dreaming of rain and rivers and oceans and tsunamis… and then you wake up from a nightmare about drowning in a whirlpool and immediately regret all that water you drank before you went to bed. 

You try to fight it… 

Because you know that if you wake up, throw on the night lights, and rush down the hall to the bathroom you might as well be hooking yourself into a caffeine drip because you’re definitely not getting back to sleep before you have to wake up for work in three hours.  

But you still try to fight it… 

I can hold it until the morning… I just need to get back to sleep and it’ll go away… 

But it doesn’t go away, and you won’t get back to sleep because you can’t hold it in until the morning.  

Now you have to go so bad that your bladder feels like it’s a water balloon hooked up to the nozzle of a faucet that’s stuck in the on-most position with the water pressure at full-blast!

Finally, you just face the truth:

This isn’t your ship anymore.  And your bodily functions are the captain now.  

But you know you can’t turn the lights on.  And you also know you can’t pee in the dark either because you already tried that once and your carpet still hasn’t forgiven you yet.  

So, what do you do?

You GlowBowl!


GlowBowl is the coolest NEW way to pee late at night without having to throw on all the lights and worry about waking yourself up for the rest of the night!  

GlowBowl is a night light for your toilet. 

It’s easy to set up.  It works right out of the box.  And it’s ready to go in minutes!  

Just hook the GlowBowl onto the side of your toilet using its 3.5″ flexible arm (that attaches to any toilet) with an LED light at the end of it, and you’ll no longer have to flip on any glaring plug in night lights or all-too-white ceiling lights in the middle of the night ever again.  

In fact, you don’t have to flip on anything at all because the GlowBowl toilet bowl light uses an advanced motion sensor light.

That’s right, the GlowBowl turns on only when a person is in proximity of it and only when all other lights in the room are turned off to save energy and to keep you safe while night-peeing.  

And not only is GlowBowl easy to install and easy to use, but it’s easy to clean too.

Just use a household cleaner to clean the water-resistant casing in no time!

Always See Where You Pee


Throwing on all those bright, offensive lights in the middle of the night isn’t the only thing GlowBowl saves you from worrying about… 

Just as likely to keep you from getting back to sleep as a bunch of bright lights is the anxiety of knowing you might’ve left a little dribble on the toilet seat or the carpet for your significant other to find because you thought peeing with the lights off was a completely doable life hack… It wasn’t.

And that’s why GlowBowl has 13 different led night light colors to choose from your GlowBowl is there to guarantee that you’ll always see where you pee!  

It even has a cool carousel setting that auto-rotates the bowl light colors every 4 seconds!

Don’t want the GlowBowl motion sensor light to rotate?  

Lock it into one color and always pee in only your favorite shade!

Have kids?  

GlowBowl is great for toddlers in potty training.  They won’t be afraid to go to the bathroom at night anymore and they won’t be wired by all the bright nightlights they usually have to turn on just to get to the toilet! 

Health Benefits

Waking up to pee in the middle of the night and turning on bright lights just to be able to see where you pee isn’t just annoying, it’s flat-out unhealthy!  

Given that light carries the torch of keeping our biological clock1 in check more than just about anything else, the amount of light a person is exposed to during the daytime and especially at nighttime has a significant effect on that person’s quality of sleep.  

One study even determined that unnatural light cycle exposure2 may result in increased risk for depression and other negative health effects.  Thus, maintaining consistent circadian rhythms through light exposure management is crucial to a person’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.  

That’s why GlowBowl only lights up the toilet bowl just enough for you to always see where you pee but never so much to throw off those nerve pathways that regulate body temperature, hormones, and other factors in charge of how asleep or awake we are throughout the day.  

And for those of you who are extra sensitive to light, the GlowBowl even allows you to adjust the brightness of your toilet night light with a 5-stage dimmer.

Co-Habitation Courtesy


Just as important as your own wellbeing is that of the relationship you have with the person you share your space with and whether they’re a significant other, a friend, or just another tenant, anyone with a roommate knows that one of the absolute necessities of sharing space with someone else is one thing above all else:


You have to deal with the inconveniences of the person you live with because you love them . . . or just because they pay the other half of the rent and you’re not about to pack up all your stuff and move to the other side of town again.

So, do you ever inconvenience your roommate by leaving a little dribble on the toilet set?  Is there ever a particularly potent odor left over when you walk out of the bathroom?  

GlowBowl Fresh has you covered!  

Not only does the GlowBowl LED night light let you always see where you pee to leave the toilet seat dribble-free, but the GlowBowl Fresh also comes with 2 replaceable air fresheners.

All you have to do is insert the air freshener into the bottom of the GlowBowl night light and you’ll have months of odor protection because there’s just nothing like a soothing hint of lavender to drown out that heavy hunk of funk you just left behind!

Get GlowBowl!


If you don’t want to take it from me that you need GlowBowl, then take it from Hot Hardware, Kickstarter, USA Today and the 1 million units in sales!

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